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Not sure if many here would be interested, however - if you didn't get enough of a woodford fix those few weeks back (feels longer hey?) this might help.

Around 500 photos from woodford and a DVD of the fire event with 'making of the fire event' footage is available for purchase from

Just in case - I'm not affiliated with this project, but was involved in the fire event and think that this makes a damm fine souvenir!

This is the

This is not available to the public  and is a not for profit project. Steve Swayne at Serendigity has done  the post production.

The DVD includes:

    * 'The Game of Life' showing highlights of the 2007 fire event  ceremony in wide-screen video filmed by the Fire Event team with  music from the performance (dur 48 mins).
    * 'Behind The Scenes' wide-screen video showing preparations in  the days leading up to the fire event (dur 16 mins).
    * 'Fire Choir' - wide-screen video of the rehearsals leading up  to the performance during the fire event ceremony. Includes an  interview with Choir Director Carl Pannuzzo (dur 30 mins).
    * 'Tarot Tower' - a short video of the tarot tower being erected  (dur 5 mins).
    * 'Behind the Scenes', 'Fire Event', and 'Woodford Folk  Festival' photo slideshows set to music playable using the DVD menus.
    * A PC section which includes:
          o A small selection of screen resolution photographs in  JPG format taken during the fire event preperations, during the  ceremony, and around the festival.
          o Selected short video files in QuickTime format featuring  additional material and interviews.
          o Apple QuickTime software.
          o Adobe PDF newspaper and web articles on this year's  Woodford festival.

The Photo CD contains a collection of approx 500 photographs (all are  full size 4megpixel high resolution) from behind the scenes and the  fire event performance, and from around the Woodford Folk Festival  site over the six days.

These photographs can be viewed in most DVD players or on computers,  and the Photo CD can be taken to a photo lab for prints to be made  (up to A4 10" x 8").

Short video clips can be seen here: buy_wfe07_videos.htm

The DVD/Photo CD is now available for order. Delivery will take place  in the first week in February. As most people don't like being  pestered by emails, this is the only time you will be advised of  this. The DVD and CD will not be available in the festival shop, only  via the Serendigity website. Serendigity can be found easily using  Google searches on 'woodford fire choir' or 'woodford fire event'.

The cost is $20 for the DVD and $25 for the DVD/CD combo. Both  options includes postage and handling.

You can order the 2007 DVD and Photo CD by three different methods.


Method 1:
Direct credit card or PayPal purchase from the website using this  special link:

Please Note:  The buy now link is only found here.
You cannot get to it via the website.


Method 2:
Internet Banking using your web based banking system to direct  electronic transfer the funds from your bank account.

Please transfer your funds to:

BANK: Maleny Credit Union
BSB:   704-606
ACCOUNT No:    055895017
NAME:    Stephen Swayne

Please note - this is NOT BPay, it is a TRANSFER of funds.
Please include in the payment description 'YOUR SURNAME' and 'WFE'.
Please then email me to confirm that you have transferred the payment  and provide your full mail address for delivery by Australia Post.


Method 3:
By mail order. You can send a personal cheque (Australian banks,  building societies or credit unions only) or you can send an  Australian Money Order (available at any Australia Post shop).

Please forward your cheque or money order made payable to 'Steve  Swayne' to my postal address:
Steve Swayne
12 Avocado Lane
Maleny  Qld  4552


Once receipt of payment has been confirmed, your package will be sent  as soon as possible and you will be advised by email.

Please remember to include your full mail address - where you would  like the package sent.

DVDs and photo CDs are still available for the previous THREE fire  events, please check out the website for details. Special discounts  apply for combined orders with this year's DVD. Contact me for more  details.

Here are the direct credit card purchase pages for these earlier DVDs: (About Time) (Balance Within) (Honour The Earth - Sphere of Change)

Kind regards,

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