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Woodford pics

Each year, I seem to develop an unintended "theme" to my Woodford experience. The first year, it was eastern European Jewish/gypsy dance music; the second was bluegrass & old-timey string bands; the third was politics and environmentalism; the fourth was slam poetry.

This year's theme seems to have been talking to people; I repeatedly ended up skipping bands I was planning on seeing in favour of continuing conversations with random folk I met around the festival. Tons o'fun.

Signology were up to their usual work:

Wonderful puppets:

Slammers at work:

NYE in Circadia:

Flaming ghosts, NYE:

New Year's Day:

I have no idea who this is, but she had the best voice of the festival, doing backing vocals for a surreal redneck romance spoken word piece:

Woodford at rest:

That 1 Guy, NYE:

Looking across to the Duck & Shovel:

The eternal Woodford photographer's dilemma; slow exposure and blurring, or flash and dust?

The mark of Pearson:

The Bazaar:

The Guinness Bar:

Yes, it's a gecko:

The Mystery Girl again:
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