laya.. (happyhippie1) wrote in woodford_folk,


Hi all.  Wow, this is a super quiet place.  Where is everybody?  Woodford is not to far away and no-body's posted yet! 

I have to admit that woodford dosen't seem as exciting as the last few years.  I'm only going for one day this time, on new years eve.  Plus we don't really have the money.  *wonders how to sneak in*

So is anyone else going, or is this community dead?


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DEAD DEAD DEAD! The Goths have taken over! ;}P>
There's not much in the way of big-name international acts this year, and the word is that numbers are down after last year's flood...but personally I'm hoping that all of that will just enhance the community vibe of the place.

I'll be there for the whole week as usual. But this year I'll be camping on my own instead of in the normal group of 10 or so.