Tiara (divabat) wrote in woodford_folk,

Woodford n00b

I've had tons of my friends rave about the Woodford Folk Festival. This is my final year in Australia (unless I get some other visa) but the first time I'm actually going to be in the country when Woodford's on, and I've been considering going.

Some questions!!

a) I just got the program and it's so full of interesting things. How do you manage to fit everything in? Is there even a chance?

b) What else is there at Woodford aside from the presentations and workshops? The program mentions eateries and friends have told me about shops. Anything else the program doesn't tell you about?

c) Those of you who get the Season passes but not camping: where do you stay? I've camped before and generally enjoy it; however, I don't want to camp alone and I don't want to spend money on a tent I'll only use once. Is there some sort of a Share a Tent thing happening?

c.5) If you are camping at Woodford, what else do you need with you? I gather you'd need water, and clothes for every weather, and personal amenities, but what else would have helped?

c.5.5) What's this Tent City everyone keeps talking about?

d) I applied for a volunteer position (under Open - so basically whatever they think fits me). How long does it take for them to get back to you? Is volunteering there worth it? If you bought the ticket, then got offered a vollie position (which apparently includes a free ticket) do they refund you the money?

e) Where on earth can I get $400?! (Well, I'll start on a paying job soon, but it'll take me at least a month to amass that much money.) Have there been other ways people have managed to get into Woodford without spending all that cash?

thanks folk!
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